Israel Luxury Real Estate - Savyon The Most Luxurious Place To Buy Real Estate In Israel

The luxury housing market in Israel, which constitutes about 0.5% of the total housing market, has become increasingly sought after in recent years.

The majority of luxury real estate in Israel is concentrated in the coastal plain area, which stands out for its advantages, the properties are built on large areas, with large interior and exterior spaces and a careful design.

The Israeli Dream

These attributes are represented in Savyon, the most luxurious and coveted place, for many years now.

Savyon is considered to be “the Israeli dream”.

Savyon is located in the center of the country, near Kiryat Ono, within a 35 min driving distance from Tel Aviv, and ranked first on the national socio-economic scale.

It is considered by many to be the most prestigious locality in the country.

Savyon has a unique and high-quality community, first-class education, a fruitful cultural life and an abundance of beautiful nature surrounding it.

What Is It's Uniqeness?

Unlike any other markets, the luxury residential market in Israel, especially in Savyon, has different and unique characteristics, and it is run differently from the general real estate market. This is a very specific target audience that acts according to certain standards, and the real estate broker must know how to be attentive to his needs.

In addition, it is a market that requires discretion, respect and sensitivity, as these are valuable assets that are the soul bird of their owners.

Therefore, when looking for a luxury property that is right for you, it is r