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The Most Coveted Luxury Real Estate Market In Israel

When searching for the most coveted luxury real estate market in Israel, there are several places which pop up like Caesarea, Herzliya Pituach, Kfar Shmaryahu, but there is only one considered to be “The Israeli Dream” for many years now. It is Savyon.

Savyon - located in the center of Ono Valley in the Central District, within a 35 min driving distance from Tel Aviv. Savyon has a unique and high-quality community, first-class education,

a fruitful cultural life and an abundance of surrounding beautiful nature. Hence it is considered by many to be the most prestigious locality in the country

In search for your luxury real estate property you will find that Savyon has a very diverse market within the real estate market in Israel. It has its own set of rules, requiring discretion, respect and sensitivity as these are valuable assets and most important to their homeowners.

The usual methods of finding the right property may not apply to luxury real estate.

Having a luxury real estate expert besides you will make the difference, especially someone in the field, who has exclusivity on luxury properties which are usually not offered in the market, but through brokerage.

Meet Anat Harran, owner of Anat Harran Luxury Real Estate Consultants & Brokerage -

A business which focuses on providing luxury real estate consulting services and quality properties in Savyon. Anat Harran offers a wide range of properties, from villas, plots and luxury properties for rent.

A long career in real estate during which Anat reached impressive achievements, enables her to use vast experience and knowledge she has gained in her own unique way. Thanks to the hard work she has invested over the years in the field of luxury real estate, most of her customers reach out to her mainly by word of mouth recommendations.

The past few months of a booming real estate market, relevant also to the luxury property market, brought clients and sales to a peak in deals closed to both side’s satisfaction.

What Makes Anat Harran Different?

As part of her work, Anat places emphasis on reliability, trustworthiness, personal integrity and discreet conduct, while maintaining constant contact with her clients and updating them throughout the process of buying, selling, renting or renting out the property in all its aspects.

"It is important for me to ensure my clients enter the process well informed and aware of the various issues related to the transaction they are about to make. At the beginning of the process, clients receive a complete overview of all pertaining information…"Information regarding the presented properties, plans, tax information and more. The goal is to create certainty and uniformity in the information regarding the property’s transaction, and to reflect it

in a clear and coherent manner."

In addition, Anat collaborates with other entities such as architects,lawyers and engineers who contribute added value to the advice she provides for her clients.

Anat's vision is to fulfill her customer’s dreams, while considering their requests and expectations in a way which provides them a great experience.

“The Client Comes First”

"One of the things which characterizes me as a luxury real estate consultant is the personal connection with the client. For me it is of the utmost importance. This profession needs a lot of empathy, giving each client perfect service and being fully attentive to their needs. In working with clients, one of the most important parameters is the ability to create a pleasant experience in which I attempt to fully understand their expectations throughout the process and achieve their goal”.

Contact Anat Harran Today:

Phone: 052-6595535


Address: 24 Ha'Reches st.Savyon


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